Diving in Santorini from €35.00

  • Explore the other side of Santorini

    Santorini Volcano Tours riding a donkey


    ..for the day or more.
    Always indluding: Diving equipment, transfer, snacks and beverages.

    €35 per person
    Snorkeling Trip- 2 Different Sites
    09.30 - 14.00, on 2 locations.
    Crystal clear waters, stunning volcanic topography and a variety of marine life, is there for you to explore.

    €60 per person
    Tank Dive For Certified Divers
    Most of our dive sites take around 20 minutes to reach and we like to dive for around 45 minutes at each spot we visit. A PADI Divemaster or Instructor will guide you and help you log your dives upon returning to the dive centre.

    €60 per person
    Discover Scuba Diving – Training Dive for non certified divers
    Specially designed for begginers, this is shore dive in a suitable location.The dive instructor is with you every step of the way.

    €85 per person
    Tank Dives in 2 different dive sites for Certified divers
    You will join our diving experts to visit two exceptional diving locations for a more advanced experience.

    €85 per person
    Discover Scuba Diving – 1 Training Dive & 1 Dive for non certified divers
    Another option for begginers diving from shore, this time including 2 dives, one for training purposes and an actual dive. This is an afternoon only activity (16.30 - 19.00).

    €120 per person
    Private Dive Guide for Certified Divers
    You will join our diving experts to visit two exceptional diving locations for a more private and advanced diving experience.

    Want more?
    There are over 20 diving locations around the island, so should you wish to dive another day with us during your stay here, we have plenty for you to explore!

    Diving Packages

    The choice of location depends on the weather so we make our plans on the day. However there are plenty of dive sites so in those five days you will be able to visit most of them. Generally we have cave diving, reef diving, wall diving and wreck diving.

    €220 per person
    6 tank dive
    For this pacakge you will join our morning trip with other divers. You will need 3 days to complete the package, because in every trip we do 2 tank dives in 2 different locations.

    €340 per person
    10 tank dive
    Again you will join our morning trip with more divers. You will need 5 days to complete the package, because in every trip we do 2 tank dives in 2 different locations.

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Diving Includes..

  • We always provide:
  • Free pick up from/to hotel.*
  • All the diving equipment.
  • Diver Guide for certified divers and Dive Instructor for non-certified ones.
  • Speedboat transfer to/from the diving sites
  • Additional info
  • Every dive lasts up 40 min.**
  • Divers & snorkelers traveling on the same speedboat
  • We have a break between dives, including a snack and water
  • Mornings Trips: 09:30 – 15:00 / Afternoon Trips 16:30 – 19:30
  • *There is an additional charge if you are located in Oia.
    Hotel pick up times, may vary, depending on your location.
  • **Time spent underwater and weather conditions apply.
  • Diving Spots


    Our centre is a PADI RESORT, a fact saying that it is worldwide known as a diving centre and certified from BUREAU VERITAS QUALITY INTERNATIONAL HELLAS in our services.
    Additional Info
    Teaching classes are equipped with all necessary equipment, like high-tech air compressors for better, faster and safer air reloading. We also have 3 speedboats available for the diving excursions and excellent educated stuff keeping themeselves up to date with anything consering our field of practice and.. they are more than happy to answer all your diving questions.
    All diving sites are rich with marine life! Such as scorpion fishes, lobsters, octopi, morays, groupers, spirographs and a lot of beautiful and colorful kinds of sponges!
    Safe diving with small groups and the individual care is our priority.